Support from all over Victoria

GERF has received support from all over Victoria in the 2020 Appeal.   Donations have been flowing from across the State in support of East Gippsland people affected by the bushfires.

Property development company, Vic Properties, which has had long-term interests in East Gippsland, has made a $100,000 contribution to GERF’s 2020 Appeal.   Shown here with GERF’s Alan Wilson and John Mitchell are the principals of Vic Properties, Massimo Cellante and his father, Livio.

A great night was had by all at Club Noble’s fundraising night (proceeds to GERF).  Shown with GERF’s Robyn Dossett are Mick O’Toole (Manager of Club Noble) and Terence from the local CFA.

Dandenong-based Esdan Plastics, together with their parent company, Tramec Sloan USA, have been generously supporting Australian communities during the bushfire emergency and have made a $25,000 donation to GERF.   Shown here is Bert Ekenaike, CEO and Chairman of Esdan Plastics with John Mitchell of GERF.

Here’s the crew from Gisborne’s Soprano’s Pizza Bar with the results of their fundraising.   Great effort guys.   Thank you – you must have a generous and pizza-loving community!

Thanks to Soprano’s Pizza Bar


And here’s another crew!   The Lady Cutler Showboat (from the Docklands in Melbourne) held a fundraising event in January and travelled to Traralgon to present their donation to John Mitchell and Myra Krafft of GERF.